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I am a modeler with over 30 years in the hobby. My adventures of have included layouts in N, HO, and 7 1/2 inch gauge. I have always been interested in prototypical operations but found the experience lacking when our models look like "toys" right now of the box. This started a lifelong journey to explore painting, detailing, and custom weathering of models to provide a much more pleasing aesthetic. My personal passions within the hobby include passenger/commuter rail operations. I'm currently working on layout plans for either a model of Chicago Union Station (including Amtrak facilities) or Grand Central Terminal in New York City with a Metro North emphasis.

From Dealer to Part-time Painter

I work full time as a physician, however in 2019 I was asked to partner with some local modelers to create a hobby shop dedicated to offering higher end products in the Portland, OR area. We began making preparations and to open a store in, however with the onset of COVID those plans fell through. My other business partners had to bow out due to financial constraints and I was left with a hobby hops worth of inventory on my hands. While this was a dream for any model railroader (so many new models), it was financially a very large burden. I started weathering models as a means to sell them more easily on Ebay and at local venues. From those experiences this website was created. This is a part-time job for me, however at present time it is the best way for me to enjoy the hobby that so many of us love.

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