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Models Currently for Sale through the website

Weathered Locomotives

Weathered Locomotives

HO-scale Athearn Genesis P42 (Sold out)

This was originally a DC-only model, which was …
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$295.00Amtrak Phase III Scheme

Bowser B&M RS-3 DCC/Sound

This is a new HO Scale Bowser RS-3 Alco …
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Weathering & Custom Services

Weathering Services

Let's discuss your project and bring your model trains to a new level of realism. For more information, click here

General Estimates:

  • Diesel Engine weathering: $55 per locomotive.
  • Steam Engines weathering $65 per locomotive.
  • Rolling stock weathering $35- $55 based on desired project by customer.

About Me

Bringing Models to Life

A Little Bit of Everything

I am a modeler with over 30 years in the hobby. My adventures of have included layouts in N, HO, and 7 1/2 inch gauge. I have always been interested in prototypical operations but found the experience lacking when our models look like "toys" right now of the box. This started a lifelong ...

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

I have an artistic background that with training in multiple mediums including, visual arts (photography), painting, and materials design. I like to apply this to my modeling process in to create not only the visual, but also the "feel" of what you would like your models to represent. For so many of us, model ...


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