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Weathered Locomotives

Bowser B&M RS-3 DCC/Sound

This is a new HO Scale Bowser RS-3 Alco locomotive painted in Boston & Maine "Blue" color scheme. It is a new model and comes from the factory with installed DCC/Sound via a loksound V5 decoder. It was weathered by me last week to represent a unit which is at the end of its service life with heavy use and comes with full factory packaging instructions.

Weathering Details:

- Heavy weathering across the top and sides of the locomotive.

- Oil leaking and deposits along long hood and side walkways.

- Heavy truck and under frame detailing.

- Grill and fan duct details.

- Heavy roof soot accumulations

- Gasoline spilling at fuel refill points.

- detailed vent openings.

- polyurethane coating to allow handling of the model without damaging the weathering.


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